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VYA© currently provides two solutions for the Identification of highly talented applicants for human resource management: The ERI® pre employment test: Employee Reliability Inventory and the CCV© Salespeople assessment test: Sales Competence Coefficient.

These unique solutions were created to improve human resource management, generating immediate and accurate results for the identification of talented individuals for your business. Specifically, these assessment tests allow you to make better decisions in the personnel selection process, generating significant savings and increasing your productivity.

VYA© is a global consulting firm comprised of specialized professionals in the human resources sector; and specifically, the optimization of personnel selection processes.Our personnel selection assessment test and employee performance evaluations comply with the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in the area of human resource administration.

We represent two personnel selection tests which allow you to make better talent identification decisions for your company:



Identify productive and reliable employees

The ERI® selection assessment test was developed over a period of five years by a team of psychologists and human resources specialists headed by psychologist, Doctor Gerald Borofsky, who was a member of the Harvard University Medical School faculty for 24 years.

Dr. Borofsky has been a contributor to the development of Congressional policy in the area of pre-employment screening.

The ERI® assessment test has been used by over 5 million employees around the world, affording companies with a reduced turnover of 30% and a reduction in employee theft by 29% on average.

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The ERI® test measures seven scales of personality traits in applicants:

  • Courtesy
  • Trustworthiness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Emotional Maturity
  • Safe Job Performance
  • Long Term Job Commitment
  • Freedom From Disruptive Job Performance




Identify the best salespeople

CCV SALES COMPETENCE COEFFICIENT is a Sales Test created to identify the most successful salesperson that will have the greatest impact on your company.

Often, candidates for sales positions present their incredible sales records and impressive resumes to Human Resources departments, but the reality is that these are not always the best indications of their ability to meet sales goals.

The CCV© Sales psychometric Test, used in salespeople selection and evaluation, is aimed at identifying a high level of business productivity. On average, the salespeople recommended by the psychological CCV© Sales Test sell 26% more than those not recommended by the CCV©.

The sales test has been applied to more than 1 million salespeople around the world and boasts over 100 validity studies which have predicted the business performance of different types of salespeople, and identified high-value personnel for companies.

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The CCV© test is based on six predictive factors of commercial success:

  • Energy
  • Initiative
  • Ego Strength
  • Persuasiveness
  • Self-Confidence
  • Achievement Motivation

The sales test is widely used to evaluate salespeople in the following fields: retail, insurance, banking, call centers, and products and services in general, among others.

Both tools are of great help in improving hiring decisions. Both the ERI® Employee Reliability Inventory and CCV© Sales Test operate via an online processing platform, allowing their use in different geographic locations, by users in various employment sectors of the company. This allows for the generation of significant savings in the facilitation and time dedication of the HRM staff to the sales performance evaluation of applicants and employees.

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Some of the advantages of our solutions are:

  • Systems that are highly profitable for the companies who implement them, with a demonstrable rate of return on investment.
  • Systems that are extremely easy to operate—no HR experts are required to utilize or interpret the results of our evaluations.
  • They allow HR departments to be strategically aligned with the corporate vision.
  • Exclusive systems with licenses awarded only with the consent of the developers.
  • They allow for the automation of personnel selection and evaluation, saving time.

If you have the know-how and network of contacts to offer our services to companies in your area, please contact us for more information.

Why Use ERI?

The ERI® EMPLOYEE RELIABILITY INVENTORY® is a selection assessment test created to improve personnel selection processes conducted by human resources management (HRM) of companies around the world, by identifying highly productive and reliable employees.

It is internationally recognized as an accurate and integrity test. The ERI® selection assessment test identifies the risk level of anti-productive behaviors of applicants before they are hired.

Why Use CCV?

CCV© SALES COMPETENCE COEFFICIENT© is a Sales Test created to identify the most successful salesperson that will have the greatest impact on your company.

The CCV© Sales Test has demonstrated a high level of success in predicting sales performance in a variety of sales positions and sales profiles: retail salesperson, financial product and service sales, insurance sales, call center sales, and telecom sales, among others.

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